Jonah Hex: I ve been known to be foolish, but ain t nobody calls me a liar and goes to bed happy. Early on in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Terra teases Aqua by saying Oy, sometimes, you can be such a girl, after she tells him and Ventus that she made good luck charms for the three of them. Contact us if you’d like to help start one. When it s immediately implied this could refer to him, Ross objects these aren t suede. There is not a speck of dust collecting on those portraits. Apparently, heCourage No Chapter near you. Total Drama Action: Izzie: If I can handle hand to paw combat with a polar bear, I can handle a bald emotionally withdrawn cook in a Halloween costume.

You ve always been a cunt, you re always going to be a cunt, and the only thing that s going to change is you re going to become an even bigger cunt. Hurricane Neddy : Ned Flanders goes berserk and insults several of the people who tried unsuccessfully to rebuild his house after a hurricane struck. No, all she cares about is the great insult of being called a nerd. The Galactic Patrol is looking for the main character, Aoi Mitsukuni, and to flush him out, they announce his crimes to the general populace, hoping they ll hand him over. (sic) They responded by merely pointing out that there s only four of them (Although this is more about pointing out what an idiot the commenter is and disregarding their opinion since they can t count). A variation on this is for the character to claim that the string of insults is a half-truth, letting the viewer try to decide which parts are true or not. Ken: Harry, I m not being funny here, and I mean no disrespect, but you re a cunt.

When Homer is suspected of having defected to Russia, Grandpa Simpson is interviewed as to whether his son is a Communist: Brockman: Could Homer Simpson be a Communist.     Live-Action TV  From Absolutely Fabulous, Edina is concerned that when she dies, she won t leave a legacy behind: Edina: What will people remember me by. From Red O Leary: Fuselli, you re a two-timing, double crossing, cigar smoking rat..
. what is with these same 5 boring, ugly, whiny, deep nasally-voice, depressing, lame joke, dead beat loosers. Eventually, her captors let her appear on television to explain how she s being treated: Avery: For the past three weeks, I have been honored to partake in a political reeducation regimen dating with eyepatch woman. ..


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